The Silver Eel

"A gape-jawed serpentine shape of pale metal crested with soot hung high for a sign."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


A grand day out on Sunday, and a climb up North Berwick Law for the first time in about six years. I see they've filled in the old open-air seawater swimming pool to make a parking space for these wee two-man dinghies (for nerds only, from the Hindi dingi - a rowing boat once used on Indian rivers). Which I suppose is practical, but offers rather less imaginative potential for the J G Ballard fans among us. Take six Ballard short stories at random and I can almost guarantee there'll be an empty swimming pool in at least one of them.


Craigleith, with North Berwick in the foreground

Bass Rock
(as featured in Catriona by RLS - a lousy novel containing some terrific writing. The Bass Rock section is particularly worth a look and includes a good ghost story - but skip all of the Holland stuff in the second half. It really is that bad.)


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