The Silver Eel

"A gape-jawed serpentine shape of pale metal crested with soot hung high for a sign."

Sunday, February 19, 2006


A friend whose brother is a music therapist reports that music and food are the two things which can arouse genuine pleasure and offer comfort to even the most demented elderly patients. Which is interesting, because they are Hannibal Lecter's principal pleasures too; in fact in Hannibal he says something along the lines of, taste and smell are our oldest senses, Clarice, the closest to our reptile ancestry and the furthest from that part of the brain which houses pity; and pity has no place at my table.

(Well, not far off: "Clarice, dinner appeals to taste and smell, the oldest senses and the closest to the centre of the mind. Taste and smell are housed in parts of the mind that precede pity, and pity has no place at my table.")


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