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Friday, January 12, 2007


Really rather worrying news from a story on BoingBoing about a - perhaps the - U.S. book distributor being closed down for bankruptcy. The comments about an Enron-style culture within it, and about how this can be considered an example of monopoly capitalism, make interesting reading.

I'd like to say I came across it while reading BoingBoing, but it was through a link on Publishing News.


At 20 January 2007 at 12:07 , Blogger Joe said...

Ah, see we cool webkids hang out on Boing Boing all the time and swap the occassional email with Cory :-) Actually got the work blog plugged there this week when I sent them a link to the BSFA shortlist nominees and they ran it, so nice plug for FPI but better plug for the awards, win-win all round - BB is a good place to get linked from, hopefully it will make some folks want to read some of the books (predictably M John Harrison's sequel to Light, Nova Swing, and JCG's End of the World Blues are in there, both very tasty reads).


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