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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Belated post, I know. Jonathan Freedland wrote in The Guardian that it's an indictment of our entire political system that Blair was not impeached over Iraq. One might add that it's an indictment of our elected representatives that any of them supported the invasion in the first place, a far more significant intelligence failure than any coming from the security services. But after all that has been revealed, for the House of Commons to give Blair a standing ovation at his last PM's questions...

And they wonder why the SNP won in Scotland.


One of the Glasgow car bombers qualified and worked as a doctor in Iraq. Which would be enough to turn anyone into an extremist - having to deal with the results of sanctions, radiation poisoning, invasion, civil war.

That doesn't mean that it's acceptable to attack civilians, of course. However, it must be noted that someone whom many might well consider to be an entirely legitimate target will shortly be starting work in the Middle East as, incredibly, a peace envoy. The Eumenides may yet have their day.

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At 15 July 2007 at 22:30 , Blogger Joe said...

It does beggar the imagination that a man loathed throughout the region as a warmonger and a war criminal (and considered as such by many in his own country too) could even be considered for a peace envoy in the region. To say nothing of the obvious security implications since he is such a huge target - can't you just imagine the false bloody platitudes from other world leaders about how he struggled for peace if he does get assassinated doing this??

As you say, the failure not only to impeach and indict Blair for war crimes is bad enough, the silence from most elected representatives in the House of Shame to even simply criticise is appalling but don't we all know one of the reasons is that most of them rushed to support what was obvious nonsense and distorted propaganda masquerading as 'evidence' because they didn't want to be seen as unpatriotic or weak on the War On Terror (WOT?). Even though a lot of them knew it was bull at the time. And if millions of protestors in the country could work out it was nonsense it is safe to assume so too did a lot of MPs, yet they voted anyway - now they find it hard to say anything because they know they all share blame for allowing it to happen. And trotting out the "I voted based on the information presented at the time" excuse (which Hilary Clinton is using well, I see) seems to be even weaker as excuses go...

One day when I have power over all things they will all be made to pay!!!!

Seriously, I can't help but wonder how we are supposed to teach kids about morality and personal responsibility when our leaders can commit atrocities, lie to the people, be clearly seen doing both of these things and yet walk away with nary a word said, much less be dragged to the Hague War Crimes court. So we have a government preaching about anti-social behaviour (which, yes, we do have a lot of) but they have lied and cheated and caused violence and death as a result, yet here they are preaching and wondering why kids laugh in their faces...


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