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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


John Sweeney does it again. Ten years ago I saw a programme he made on the complicity of Dutch UN troops in the massacre at Srebenica (basically, they abandoned the people they were supposed to protect). Now he's done a pretty hard-hitting report for BBC 2 on the election campaign by former UK ambassador Craig Murray in Jack Straw's constituency.

Murray was ridiculed, smeared, leant on and finally sacked by the FCO for speaking out against the systematic use of torture in Uzbekistan. Details can be found on his site here, and there are a good number of articles on the Grauniad website, including this one by Murray himself on the reasons for the continuing US and UK support for the Uzbek government - oil and gas.

Pass it on.


At 21 September 2005 at 23:46 , Blogger The Silver Eel said...

I've put up two posts by accident because Blogger appeared to lose the first attempt when I tried to publish it. Now, I can't actually get into Blogger to erase one of them. Though Mr Murray (and his team of volunteers) will without any shadow of doubt be subject to the usual, tiresome attention of the secret police, I doubt even they have the computing power to subvert Blogger, unless they've started recruiting Dark Side neo-pagans to plant hexes. Nevertheless, the synchronicity is appropriate.

At 31 October 2005 at 10:20 , Blogger Postman said...

John Sweeney is a cunt. The film he made is atravesty.

If you want to see what techniques he used, the way he insulted people whilst filming see at the time of the election in May , several posts with some illuminating photgraphs.

IF you have problems e mail for full story.

...and yes, blogger does throw some funnies... but I amsure you are right about the supporters of craig murray being under scrutiny. An interesting visitor to the Nurray campaign was the troublesome MI5 employee and his waspish wife (?) Miss Mahon.

There are those who think you never resign... I note that he has been banned from an Irish Univerisity now.


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